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 Adobe Flash Builder Premium v4.6 Multi Links

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PostSubject: Adobe Flash Builder Premium v4.6 Multi Links   Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:14 pm

Adobe Flash Builder Premium v4.6


The new Adobe® Flash® Builder™ for is a jointly developed integrated development environment (IDE) that gives developers a single, powerful tool for building cloud-based rich Internet applications (RIAs), which can easily be deployed to end users through the browser via the Adobe® Flash® Player, or directly to the desktop using the Adobe® AIR® runtime. These applications run seamlessly online or offline, while taking full advantage of the security, scalability, and reliability of enables developers to create and deliver any kind of business applications, entirely in the cloud and without software. Developers can use Adobe Flash Builder for to extend or enhance existing implementations, or build entirely new applications to provide customized user experiences for any business need.

It's easy to get started. Adobe Flash Builder for is a free download, and includes a trial version of Adobe Flash Builder 4. A full or upgrade license of Adobe Flash Builder 4 Premium Edition is required to deploy applications.

Key Features
Adobe Flash Builder for includes:
A professional Eclipse-based IDE, unifying Adobe Flash Builder and the IDE into a highly productive environment for building any kind of app
Online and offline data synchronization and management powered by Adobe® LiveCycle® Data Services
A conflict resolution service
A local data store for off line support
Data visualizations including built-in interactive charting and ********* components capable of processing large data sets
Powerful user interface capabilities with over one hundred easily customized, reusable components, including access to motion graphics, drag and drop capabilities and more
Templates for creating browser, or desktop applications
The ability to develop once and deploy inside and outside of the browser

The Flex framework is the new data access and synchronization framework that ships as part of Adobe Flash Builder for It lets you build applications that interact with data using Adobe Flex and AIR. Flex builds on the client-side data management included in Adobe LiveCycle Data Services, but does not include the LiveCycle Data Services server-side data management functionality. Flex provides the login functionality, network detection and online and offline data synchronization, a conflict resolution service, and UI components that look and act just like data input fields on
Why Develop Rich Internet Applications in the Cloud

Giving users the ability to navigate, visualize and interact with information in an easy, intuitive way is a requirement for business applications as much as for the consumer web. Now that you've built your enterprise application on, you want to provide a rich experience for your users that works the way they do and helps optimize productivity and satisfaction.

Using Adobe Flash Builder for, you can easily:
Add rich data visualizations like graphic charts to existing application screens, to help your users easily understand and analyze important customer, financial, or other business data.
Create new application screens that aggregate and display only the data that different types of users need to see, and that allow users to interact with the data in highly visual, streamlined ways so they can do more work, faster.
Create highly interactive user interfaces with drag-and-drop capabilities for use cases like e-commerce shopping carts, factory shift scheduling or conference agenda building.



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300MB links

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Adobe Flash Builder Premium v4.6 Multi Links
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